Rabac, Croatia

Situated southeast of Labin, in Istria, Rabac is a small Croatian resort town on Kvarner Bay. Although there are many hotels and restaurants, there are plenty of impressive hiking trails…

Silba, Croatia

The island of Silba is located in the Zadar archipelago, south-east of Island Mali Losinj, between the neighboring islands of Olib in the East and Premuda in the West. There…

Vrsar, Croatia

A lovely little village with a Marina with a view, small islands when you look at the sea and great restaurants in the bay area.

Opatija, Croatia

Especially worth a visit, if you enjoy majestic, royal flair. Walk the paths close to the ocean like once the Austrian aristocracy.

Susak, Croatia

This island offers a different vegetation to other islands in the Adriatic. Beautiful hiking trails and no cars are available on this calm island. Susak, Croatia

Dalmatia, Croatia

Known as one of the world´s most beautiful sailing areas, Dalmatia offers astonishing lovely islands with hundreds of top bays and anchor places. In the off-season Dalmatia is very well…

Rovinj, Croatia

Croatian but a little Italian style in Istria, a huge peninsula in the northern adriatic. Whatever you plan along the coastline - you will find a way to go. From…