Susak, Croatia

This island offers a different vegetation to other islands in the Adriatic. Beautiful hiking trails and no cars are available on this calm island. Susak, Croatia

Wachau, Austria

Next to the Danube, wonderful wine yards and old castles. A very special place to be in summer - enjoy your stay. Wachau, Austria Wachau, AustriaWachau, Austria

Porto, Portugal

City of Port is wonderful for experienced sailors and real water sports enthusiasts, especially during the regatta season. The old town offers a picturesque scenery. Don't forget the tasty food…

Nabeul, Tunesia

Olive trees, wine yards, Karthago, white villages and the great coastline in the med. Welcome to Tunesia.

Munich, Germany

Munich, the 1972 host city of the Olympic Games has to offer more than beer - check out the wonderful nature spots and water sport activities in Munich from rowing…

Königsee, Germany

This lake in Bavaria is a fairytale. Visit and escape from everyday business and inhale fresh air, enjoy mountains and trees beside water spectacles while cruising in crystal clear waters.…

“Zille” – Danube, Austria

The historical and typical wooden boat to travel the Austrian Danube. A very nice way to travel one of the biggest waterways in Europe. Zille Danube Upper Austria

Dalmatia, Croatia

Known as one of the world´s most beautiful sailing areas, Dalmatia offers astonishing lovely islands with hundreds of top bays and anchor places. In the off-season Dalmatia is very well…

Biarritz, France

Well known for great surfing, Biarritz also offers great coffee and sweets, beaches and fashion shopping. Never forget your wetsuit, you will enter the Atlantic Ocean. Biarritz, France Biarritz, France…

Au / Danube, Austria

Au is a small village along the Danube river in Austria, which offers a wonderful biking trail next to the water way. Have a break by boat or bike and…